And during that time … In Asia (Part 1)

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Before leaving France, I planned to go to Asia in the early months of my journey. In the end, I have not been there. But Yann did.

Port Douglas, June 2012. While the job of waiter is getting harder to me, let’s go back to May, Yann before coming to Australia, stopped for a few weeks in South East of Asia. Cultures very different from our own, sometimes surprising or misunderstood, what do we do when we find ourselves in the midst of one of these countries far from our habits.

Snapshot of a little journey into the heart of Asia and two of its countries. The eyes and ears of Yann embark us and let us share his experience. What did he see, what did he do? These are images that I report to you.

He will share his feelings and emotions in Part 2.